All athletes praise the Czech jewel. Olympic bread Karel is the TOP

Every day our Olympians have fresh bread, marmalade and honey on the table in both olympic village. All from South Bohemia. How is it possible? The Czech Olympic Team outside of the athletes also made their own bakery in South Korea which left at sea at the beginning of November and arrived at the destination 2 weeks before the start of the Games.

“We bake at night so we can deliver to the villages in the morning. Every day we bake about 80 loaves of bread, “says Karel Rendl, whom two other bakers, including his son, are helping in Korea, by the way, the sixth baker’s generation of Rendels. Part of the bread is taken by the Slovak House.

All athletes are enthusiastic about the scent of jewelery and they appreciate the idea. Come with us to look directly into the bakery …