Czech House

"Creativity, hospitality and the sharing of joy."

– this is how the Czech House comes across the world during all Olympics.

History of the Czech Houses, official "meeting point" of Czech athletes, has started at the beginning of 90s, exactly in 1992. Howewer there was a place with just few spots for athletes and officials only.

The first public Czech House was opened in London 2012 and the interest was unprecedented. During the 17 days of the Olympics more than 80 thousand people visited Czech House. Later the agency AP rated Czech House as the best House of all around.

Thus since 2012 Czech athletes and fans can meet in Czech House and celebrate the olympic medals and successes together. Visitors can watch the television broadcasts, can taste Czech national products or competitions take place here; people cheer, sing, playing games, have "olympic" fun. The visitors photograph themselves with silhouettes of Czech athletes and they look at the exhibits of Czech companies.

Even in distant Sochi 2014 Czech House was opened for public, first time in Winter Olympics. The opening ceremory of Czech House was held just like two years ago in London on the first day of the Olympics also with the participation of the president of the Czech Republic.

What about Rio 2016? “We hoped that around twenty thousand people would visit the House, which we also considered an ambitious target. However, in the end the actual visitor numbers were double that, with most visitors being local Brazilians,” said Jiří Kejval, President of the Czech Olympic Committee.

One special non-olympic edition of Czech House was added during the World Games 2017 in Wroclaw. Right in the centre of the town, a five-minute walk from the Market Square in Wrocław, was where you could find the Czech House, on the boat Barka Tumska. On the River Oder the Czech Team at the World Games had facilities similar to at the Olympics; until Sunday 30th July the boat was a place of quiet, gatherings and celebrations, but also a place where athletes could find the management of the Czech Team as well as medical and physiotherapy facilities.

For now the last Czech House was opened in Pyeongchang 2018 located right next to the door of the Olympic Village in Gangneung. And speciality for this year? Own bread called Karel. The bakery was shipped out in early November, and arrived in Korea in the end of January. So this fragrant and treasured food was baked in the Czech House and every day our Olympians had freshly baked bread, marmalade and honey on the table – all from South Bohemia.

Find out more about all Czech Houses - see below and see you in Tokyo 2020!

Czech House London 2012

Czech House in London was open to the public for the first time in Czech NOC history. It was located in Business Design Centre, Islington, 6000 m2. The prestigious american news agency Associated Press has rated it as the best of all the national Houses at the Olympics. The Czech House received a high score for eccentricity thanks to the original double decker of London Booster made by artist David Černý as well as his reduced flying copy inside the main hall. AP reported: "It's just fun and crazy!"

The success and interest about Czech House was really huge. Almost 80 thousand visitors from worldwide went through the House and celebrated successes, had fun, relaxed during the 17 days of the Olympics. People could try a lot of activities inside – live broadcasting, concerts of Czech bands, Czech beer, Czech cuisine, exhibition of Czech culture, tourism, business, development, art.

Czech House Sochi 2014

The Czechs had their official base in the Winter Olympics as well. Favourite Czech House was officially opened in Sochi in lobby of the hotel in Adler, 250 m2. Present was also President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman and Cardinal Dominik Duka who blessed the athletes and all the other participants in the games.

More than 10 thousand visitors could enjoy a lot of activities again – TV screens, Czech beer, celebrating medals and successes with athletes together or presentations of Czech industry - culture, tourism, business.

Czech House Rio 2016

Czech athletes met here when celebrating successes. Visitors could watch television broadcasts; for example on the Saturday the House lived and breathed the football final, which was won by the host nation. Competitions took place here; people sang. The visitors photographed themselves with silhouettes of Czech athletes and they looked at the exhibits of Czech companies, from boots to a model tram and fashion jewellery.

“The greatest interest was in Czech beer, Zátopek’s legs and also scooters,” said Blanka Konečná, manager of the Czech House, where draught Pilsner Urquell was served. An art installation by David Černý linked Rio with the Fan Zone at the Quadrio shopping centre in Prague and the Olympic Park Rio–Lipno. Zátopek’s unstoppable legs were also to be seen at the Czech consulate in Rio. “And both adults and children raced around on scooters. We were also pleased that visitors took a genuine interest in the exhibits from Czech companies,“ added Konečná.

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Czech House Pyeongchang 2018

Czech House was located in the centre of the one of the main areas of the Winter Olympic Games – in the seaside area nearby the Olympic Park in Gangneung directly opposite the Gangneung Olympic Village (GVL). It was approximately 40 kilometres from the mountain heart of the Olympic Games – Pyeongchang Oympic Village (Mountain Cluster) and Olympic Park. The journey time from the Gangneung Olympic Village took about an hour.

The house had been laid out by architect Petr Kolář, who also designed the house in London 2012 (rated by AP agency fot the best House of the all olympic teams) and Rio 2016 two years ago.

Moreover Czech House 2018 has reached to the gold medal again. The Boston Globe rated as the best House among all Olympic houses. Read more.

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