EOC EU Office

Founded in 2009 on the basis of the “EU Office of German Sports”, the EOC EU Office is the representation of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) and other major European and International sport organisations to the European Institutions. With its 26 partner organisations ranging from the International Olympic Committee, National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of France, Denmark, Italy and other countries, to the International Ice-Hockey Federation, European Athletics, or FIBA Europe, the EOC EU Office is a major player on the EU and European sport policy and funding scene.

Over the years, the EOC EU Office has developed an expert status on many sport-related policy fields in the EU environment. However, it has also become a sought-after organisation for many questions of integrity and good governance of sport organisations. With its 3 EU-funded projects on these topics – Sport 4 Good Governance, SIGGS, and currently PoINTs it has provided assistance and expertise to many sport organisation, including the Czech Olympic Committee which is a partner in the last-mentioned project.

Activities of the EOC EU Office

  • Identifies, monitors and analyses subjects of relevance to sport at European level.
  • Prepares position papers and reports which are used for advocacy purposes.
  • Provides support for and promotes the interests of the Partners in Brussels and beyond.
  • Provide assistance and consultancy regarding any EU sport-related issues, including funding.
  • Manages EU-funded sport-related projects.
  • Organises and attends events, seminars and conferences related.

Czech Olympic Committee in Brussels

At the initiative of the now vice-president of the NOC, Roman Kumpost, the Czech Olympic Committee has its representative in the EOC EU Office since 2014. Next to its German counter-part, the Czech NOC is the only national Olympic movement organisation directly represented in Brussels.

Jana Janotova, who holds the position since its inception, has several main fields of competence and activity:

  • Representing the interests of the Czech Olympic movement in Brussels while fully contributing to the advocacy and consultancy activities of the EOC EU Office.
  • Bringing information and expertise on EU sport policy and funding to the Czech Republic → Working Group on EU affairs (International Relations Committee of the Czech NOC).
  • Preparing project applications for EU funding, managing projects, reporting and providing advice → Sport Parks Inspired by the Olympics, European Week of Sport,SUCCESSand other.
  • Networking and facilitating contact with the EU institutions as well as with major sport organisations.

Services for the Czech sport movement

  • Consultancy on EU funding→ search for the right funding programme, guidance on preparing project applications, advice on management and reporting.
  • Networking→ facilitating contact to sport organisations and EU institutions, organising study visits etc.
  • EU affairs and sport policy → advice on any EU-sport related issue, including recognition of qualifications, competition policy, volunteering and education and others.