International projects


The two-year-long project brings together experts from 7 National Olympic Committees - Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovenia - and 1 regional authority (South Bohemia, CZ) with the aim to create an interactive web based handbook, which will provide National Olympic Committees with recommendations, guidelines, case studies and examples of good practice for the development, organisation, evaluation and sustainability of Olympic Festivals. The Handbook, however, can also be useful to other umbrella sport organisations for the development of their sport-for-all events.

The Handbook will help future organisers of Olympic Festivals to create the perfect space for sports enthusiasts, no matter the size of the event. The organisers will be guided through the whole organisational process, including the post-event stage. Thanks to the expertise and rich experience of the project team, they will get information on how to deal with local authorities, work with local sports clubs, or, for example, how to compose an ideal organising committee. Collected and logically arranged information will provide them with a comprehensive rule of thumb with all the recommendations, possible pitfalls and solutions.The Sport Parks project is a European collaborative partnership in the field of sport initiated and led by the Czech Olympic Committee, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and supported by the International Olympic Committee.



Sports federations, associations and clubs can discuss their activities with the representative of the Czech Olympic Committee at the EU Office of the European Olympic Committees in Brussels. They can:

  • ask for advice regarding the use of European funds for sports activities,
  • discuss their project proposals and grant applications,
  • receive regular reports and information on EU sports policy and funding.

Main contact:

The Czech Olympic Committee is also engaged in European projects financed from the EU programme – Erasmus+.

  • European Week of Sport: The goal of this annual project is to promote physical activity across Europe. Every September, all organised sports activities taking place in the given week can be part of this initiative.
  • SUCCESS: A training programme to strengthen good governance in sport which supports women in decision making positions in sports organisations. The project is managed by the Croatian Olympic Committee and eight women from each participating country - the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Lithuania, France and Italy - are taking part.


The European Week of Sport initiative is part of the European Commission’s overal policy aimed at increasing the level of participation in sport and physical activity in the EU. This level is stagnating and in some Member States even declining (as the 2013 Eurobarometer survey demonstrates). This has an impact on society and people's health, having both direct and indirect economic costs (e.g. health care, employability, productivity). The need for action to better promote sport and physical activity has been regularly underlined at the policy level.

The European Week of Sport aims to promote sport and physical activity across Europe, generate new activities and also build on already existing successful initiatives in the European, national, regional or local context. The Week is for everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level. With a focus on grassroots initiatives, it aspires to inspire Europeans to #BeActive on a regular basis and create opportunities in people’s everyday lives to exercise more.

The European Week of Sport takes place annually during a time period set by the European Commission. Participating countries are given flexibility to organise their national Week of sport within the defined period, taking into account their own national constraints (school start, climate, link to existing events, etc.). They must however choose a specific week and not spread their event throughout this period: all events and activities organised at national, regional and local level should take place during that week.

The aim is to facilitate communication around the national Weeks (European Partners and NCBs working hand in hand within one set week, for events organisation but also for communication purposes), whilst maintaining the same key messages across the EU (dates may differ, but not the visual branding or the key messages around the Week). National Coordinating Bodies, in addition, are encouraged to organise an Opening event on the first day of the EWoS as defined by the European Commission.

The European Week of Sport is structured around an official opening, a flagship event and 4 Focus Themes to appeal to all audiences: Education Environment, Workplace, Outdoors, Sports Clubs & Fitness Centres. These are the main settings where people can improve their habits and #BeActive. A wide range of initiatives and activities are organised around these themes at different levels (EU, national, local and regional level) and with the involvement of many partners.



Its main objective is to help to safeguard the common concept for the European federations and their members in pursuing good governance and ensuring the integrity of sport, especially in the field of prevention and resolution of match-fixing by founding a basic network of contacts from the eighteen participating organisations that will be further developed.

The project builds on the activities of the International Olympic Committee in this area. It extends and reinforces the presence of Single Points of Contact for Sports Integrity (SPOC), it means contacts capable to fight for example against match-fixing. In the Czech Republic these issues are dealt with by Alexander Károlyi, ombudsman of the Czech Olympic Committee.

One of the short-term objectives of the project is to create information background and the educational programme for the network of contacts (SPOCs) followed by the organisation of seminars for National Sport Federations and other organisations with the main objective to present the benefits of the existence of such a network. Apart from EOC EU Office, also International Olympic Committee representatives, eleven National Olympic Committees, three European Federations and other institutions including Interpol are involved in the project. Radana Kubešová is the representative of Czech Olympic Committee in the project.



The project “Strengthening good governance in the European sport community by providing women with the necessary competencies in order to support gender balance and equality in decision-making in sport structures” (acronym: SUCCESS) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The National Olympic Committees of Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Lithuania and Slovakia have joined their efforts to contribute to the European overall aim of achieving a full gender balance in the representation in decision-making positions in sport governing bodies by 2020. The collaborative partnership is focusing on developing a network of National Olympic Committees that is going to serve as a platform for sustainable national sport management training programmes and mentoring systems for future female leaders in sport, on educating and improving their competencies in order to prepare them for more demanding positions in sport, and on promoting gender balance and raising gender awareness and commitment to gender mainstreaming for board members and personnel in leading positions in sport.

One of the key activities of the project is a sport management training programme. Besides developing individual competencies of women in sport, the purpose of the sport management training programme is to create a European learning community of future female leaders in sport. Furthermore, participants of the training will transfer, apply and adapt theoretical principles to their own sport organisations, which will establish them as leaders in their sport organisations.



A new education and training programme designed for those interested in the sporting environment is part of a long-term Dual Careers initiative of the Czech Olympic Committee which helps athletes to ensure a smooth transition from active career to everyday life. However, participation to the new programme is not limited to active high performance athletes. Participants will acquire knowledge and build skills in fields related both to the running and governance of sport organisations (finance and management, marketing, communications), and to sport diplomacy and international relations (negotiations, diplomatic protocol, organisation of the international sport environment etc.).

The main objective of the programme is to strengthen the representation of the Czech and Slovak sport environment in international sport organisations, and to succeed in promoting its interests in these structures. Equally important is its intention to train participants to be able to positively contribute to the development of their own organisations, and to become excellent and effective representatives of these organisations within international sport structures.


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