Visit of Eva Samkova a Petra Novakova in the Czech House on Saturday evening

10. February v 19:30

On Saturday evening a snowboarder and Czech Team flag bearer Eva Samkova and cross country skier Petra Novakova (after his first race on the Olympics at 4:15pm) will join us in the Czech House. 

Come and greet them on the ground floor of the Czech House!

All together than we will follow to keep the thumbs up by another Czech deputy in the fight for the medal >>> At 8:00pm the 3000m race starts with Martina Sablikova and Nikola Zdrahalova and at 8:15pm Czech biathlonists will race the women’s sprint 7.5 km (Veronika Vitkova, Eva Puskarcikova, Jessica Jislova, Marketa Davidova, Veronika Zvaricova)